Heat Shrink Cable Joints for XLPE Cables Up to 36 kV

today's cable splices

Today's modern attachment systems; It should be in a structure consisting of few parts and having prefabricated materials. In addition, the attachment systems should be easy, reliable and can be used for equipment of different cross-sections and structures by adapting to different connection techniques and tolerances.

Tried and tested solution:

Raychemun elastomer


Raychemîn elastomeric heat shrink joint systems have proven their reliability around the world, even under the toughest conditions.

Raychemin technique combines thick-walled insulation materials with conductive polymer outer layer material to form a single component. When applying such a material, only starting the heating process of the outer layer is a necessary and sufficient condition for shrinkage.

Other advantages:

- Versatility; It can be easily applied to round and partially non-round single and three core cables of any cross-section.

- There is no need to cut the ends of the parts that make up the component extra.

- Pieces are placed effortlessly.

- There is no need for special fittings or additional muff application methods.

- Shelf life is unlimited.

Elastomer technology

The elastomeric joint components are formed after shrinkage to be shaped wider than the diameter of the material they will hold. While the application of the heating process causes the outer surface to shrink, it also acts simultaneously on the insulation layer on the inner surface and slowly closes the joint. Thus, thanks to the rubber characteristic of the component material, changes in the size of the cable insulation are penetrated by the thermal effect.

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