Antistatic Cable Clamp

The product is made of polyurethane material. Although it is light, it provides high strength.
It does not transmit flame, does not emit toxic gas.
It is dielectric and antistatic. In this way, it relieves the working conditions of the cables. It prevents the negativities that may occur in the environment.
Since it is very easy to apply, it saves time, reduces application costs and labor.
It is specially designed for cable assembly only. It is equipped with product-specific features.
You can fix all sections between 1x50 mm2 and 1x400 mm2 with a single product. Therefore, you do not need to buy different cable clamps for different cross-sections. It is ergonomic.
Supplementary materials are supplied with the product. In this way, you do not have to search/buy materials such as screws, nuts, washers.

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