Our aim is to be a sustainable and reliable supply brand as a business partner that adds value in all processes we are involved in with the sum of the services we provide.


By adopting the principle of customer satisfaction at the highest level; To be a respected supplier in the electricity sector with its qualified and experienced staff, strictly adhering to the principles of timely and complete delivery and reliability.

Creating a customer-oriented sales strategy in the sales process by analyzing customer situation.


As Ankatek Elektrik, to work to ensure customer satisfaction at the maximum level by continuously increasing the service quality and to continue our work by eliminating our deficiencies as soon as possible with the feedbacks from our customers.

To realize our cooperation with our suppliers, whom we see as long-term business partners, based on mutual trust and profit, within the framework of ethical rules,

To support the continuous development of our employees by observing their satisfaction, authorizing them and continuing our trainings,

To ensure that all our employees work in appropriate conditions with Occupational Health and Safety practices,

To realize our timely delivery commitment by observing the necessary care and work discipline during the packaging and shipping stages of the products shipped to our customers,

To ensure the continuity of the trust of our customers and employees in our company in line with the stated principles,

To closely follow the scientific and technological developments, which is a necessity of our age, and to take the necessary steps in line with these developments,

To be among the leaders of the sector in the future as it is today, together with our friends who work with the same enthusiasm in every unit and at every level.

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