Modular Switchgears (Metal Enclosed Modular Switchgears) are medium voltage switchgear equipment used for the reliable distribution of electricity in 12 kV, 24 kV and 36 kV secondary distribution systems according to the customer's different demands. Air Insulated Modular Switchgears, Monoblock Concrete Kiosks, Prefabricated Concrete Kiosks, Sheet Metal Kiosks and MOD Type Buildings are also very suitable for use. Thanks to their modular structures suitable for easy installation, Modular Switchgears can easily meet all the needs of a switchgear center; can be commissioned quickly. In these switchgears, the busbar outputs are air-insulated, and electrical separation and breaking operations are performed in SF6 gas or vacuum environment. In this way, an operation with minimum maximum security can be achieved. Modular Switchgears stand out with their metal splitting (PM) structure, LSC2B loss of service continuity category and AFL internal arc classification structure. The SF6 Gas or Vacuum Circuit Breaker and SF6 Gas Load disconnector are preferred by the customers as they meet the maximum user and system safety.


Compact Design

Modular Structure Easy Installation And Interchangeability

Availability to Expand Right-Left When Necessary

Intelligent Locking Systems for Maximum Operator Safety

Reliable Switching in Sf6 Gas

Compatibility with SCADA Systems

Ease of Transport and Storage

Different Feeder Combinations According to Customer's Request


Usage areas :

Infrastructure and Construction Sector (Ports, train stations, airports, hospitals, schools, hotels, shopping centers, trade centers, holiday complexes etc.)


Various Industries (Water, iron and steel, automotive, petroleum etc.)

Energy (Wind power plants, solar power plants, hydroelectric power plants, MV distribution systems, transformer centers, etc.)

Power Plants

Medium Voltage Distribution Systems

Industrial Facilities

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