For copper cables, it is the cable cap. It carries the advantages of resisting electrical penetration, heat shrinking and electrical insulation. There is no need for any special experience and special apparatus during the application. Raychem medium voltage 36KV cable terminations are compatible with the tolerances and differences of the cable insulation and cable shield used, in short the cable structure. The insulators used to increase the crepe width are easily applied with the heat shrinking method. According to the mounting direction of the cable (from the top or bottom), the skirt direction of the crepe extender insulators can be easily changed. Ideal for applications in tight spaces. Shelf life is unlimited.

Moisture Sealing

The durable sealing structure of Raychem cable glands provides excellent resistance to electrical jumps and external conditions. The special space-filling mastic used in the cable heads, leaks well into the area where it is applied, together with the heating process, and while providing extra protection against all kinds of effects, it also increases the material performance.

Raychem's External and Internal Cable Termination

The shrinkage diameters of the components used in the headers enable the same type of material to be applied in many cable cross sections. The basic features in the structure of Flaychem Cable Terminations; resisting electrical jumps, resistance to weather conditions and using heat-shrinkable material technique, it provides an excellent sealing. Thanks to the sealing sealant used in Haychem cable heads. The cable is prevented from being affected by moisture. Thanks to the heat shrinkable insulators, the electrical jump distance is increased. Water cannot hold on the insulators and the main body material. Therefore, a waterway cannot be formed. In addition, the direction of the insulator skirts can be changed according to the way of mounting the cable coming from below or from above, which cannot be seen in other header technologies.

Raychem cable heads;

Thanks to the heat shrinking technique, it provides the opportunity to apply a material to a cable of many cross-sections.

It occupies less space in accordance with modern cutter systems.

It is easy to install. No need for silicone or grease.

It provides sealing, electrical stress control and protection against environmental effects.

1 -Moisture sealing

Sealant sealant used in Flaychem heat shrinkable cable caps prevents external effects by not allowing any gaps with the pressure of the outer tube.

2- Stress Control

The stress control tube used in Flaychem cable caps absorbs the energy stress by softening the electrical stress distribution in this region and also closes the injuries that may occur during the stripping of the semiconductor layer.



3- Sealant

During the preparation of the cable for the header assembly, the semiconductor layer and the insulation layer are separated from each other, and the vertical step difference that occurs in the area where the peeling process ends is softened with filler mastic and the sharpness is removed. Thus, the sealant puts pressure on this area where electrical stress occurs.

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